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DayZ, the popular mod for ARMA II, you can reach the consoles, seconds the words of Dean "Rocket" Hall, the creator, shared with the NowGamer.

The site asked if a version for the consoles is possible, and the response from Dean Hall was "is definitely something possible", added that if the mod reaching two million in sales is "very possible"

But before even considering a version for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, you must first finish the mod, which is still in experimental stages.

What do you think of this possibility? Would be interested?

Bohemia Interactive Studio have just revealed that the mod Day Z, who was born through the FPS Arma II, is now a separate title for the PC.

You can learn more by visiting the official website, the game now supported by Bohemia Interactive Studio.

The mod Day Z is already played to more than 1 million players, growing every day.

For a better understanding of the beginning of a round in DayZ, we recommend that you see the video.

Ever wanted a game of zombies open world mixed with survival horror, where we have to look for our own equipment and that we have to take into consideration our physical condition?

Don't look anymore because it exists, is called DayZ and is a mod for war Simulator, ARMA II Combined Operations (a collection that brings the game Arma II and its expansion ARMA II: Operation Arrowhead).

In the DayZ is assigned the role of a human being in the middle of a zombie apocalypse that this occurs in the post-Soviet nation Chernarus, the game begins in the middle of nowhere on the island of Chernarus, we have 225 km2 to explore, to find equipment and to survive in this post-apocalyptic world.

"I decided to then try to see if I could for the drive to work, but unfortunately the car had no gasoline and had no gasoline container near there to fill and put in the car."

DayZ focuses on a single thing "survival". The player starts in the middle of nowhere doing "spawn" the gutters in the middle of the map, and the only thing we have in the trunk are bandages, painkillers and a flashlight with batteries. We have to find our own weapons and Ammo, we can find them in homes, barns, petrol stations, military bases, hunting or even in churches. But it's not only guns and Ammo we get, but also food, fluids and parts to repair vehicles that we can find.

In the DayZ we must be aware of several factors of our character, since the temperature, thirst, hunger and blood pressure, which is our life. To meet the needs we have to visit the cities and hiking in the supermarkets, hospitals or old apartments, but of course that will not come easily, the cities are controlled by zombies and the beginning the only way to enter is to sly.

We begin the game by choosing the sex we want to be, male or female. After we choose our gender appear to Rails in the middle of the map, in this case did spawn in This area Solnichniv where we can only find a small town without almost anything. Open map, made by the community of DayZ in my other computer, then start trying to find where I am to know what I have next to me.